F4E reverse logistics Services

You are shipping your parcels all over the world, but how do you manage tour returns?
The F4E network provides you a turnkey solution to manage your international returns.

Easy & Convenient

You will manage easily all your returns according to your own return policies in each country.

Customer Choice

We will provide you local addresses for returns; your customers will have choice on their favorite return way.

Offer local addresses to your customers to send back their returns to maximize their experience and re insure them. A local experience on returns grows up your international purchasing intentions.
Your customer wants to send back his product, don’t leave him queuing at the post office. The F4E Network provide choice to your customer in first miles solutions, pickup, drop-off or postal with his usual carriers.
Manage your own return policy, withdrawal period, free returns, reasons codes; the F4E network reverse solution helps you to build a friendly customer policy in accordance with applicable law and local practice.
You don’t need to manage customer request for returns, or send labels to your customer, our web solution can be easily connected to your front office and it is a self-care app for your customer. Our platform provides you real time visibility on your return flows.
Your customer expect a quick refund, we manage returns inspections for you in our local addresses, according to your instructions. As we manage local inspection, you are quickly informed of receipt of products and inspection results and you are able to have a fast refund of your customer.
Optimize your logistic process, the F4E network reverse solution makes return to stock easier, we send back to your warehouse returns consolidated in meta parcels, all returns are announced, qualified and ready to store.
You want to reduce your return rate, we provide you data analysis on your returns to parse and improve your customer experience.

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