F4E Warehouse Services

Fulfillment 4 Europe is the primary Association for fulfillment Services, B2C and B2B.

European Coverage

Thanks to our Group of Companies we are present in almost all Europe: Austria, Czech Rep., Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherland, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.

Continued Expantion

We are continuosly searching to expand our presence in other countries in order to be, always more, the right fulfillment provider for International Company.

In all actual Countries that we are covering, we can offer a wide range of services in order to assist our clients to develop their activities:

  • Inbound goods management: with quantity and quality controls.
  • Storage: hanged garments equipment; shelves; pallet;
  • Pick & Pack: for many types of sectors (fashion, shoes, cosmetics, electronics, food, etc.).
    Picking of goods, both singly and in bulk. Manual and semi-automatic picking.
    Supply or consultancy for neutral and customised packages of all types suitable for shipping different kinds of goods.
  • Order management: Preparation of B2C and B2B even with demanding processes (e.g. gift packs, Christmas packs, goods personalization, etc.);
  • Management of value added services like: ironing, steaming, cleaning, kitting, printing of invoices and documents, etc.
  • Management of returns: Management of both domestic and international return flows, with specific report management.
    Quality and quantity controls of all returns. Reconditioning.
  • Drop shipping

Our Association is specialized to consult our clients with flexibility and experience.

We are able to satisfy big Company and Startup Company’s needs thanks to the expertise of our international team.

If you do not see a service in this quick list, just ask and you will see that we will simply do it!

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