Circular Economy

Since its foundation year, back in 2002, F4E Iberia has participated as a key player on Circular Economy through its reverse logistics services, providing adapted solutions to reuse, repair and recycle B2B/B2C equipment and its components, working together with core ICT service companies and being aligned with their sustainability goals (mainly, Zero Waste by 2030).

The Importance of Sustainable E-commerce Fulfillment

F4E in Iberia, participates as a key member in the Circular Economy strategy of several leading international companies, having a great impact in the telecommunications’ industry (TELCO), since we take a leading role on our clients’ supply chain, as a specialized reverse logistics operator for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), specially for handling and refurbishment activities.

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To capitalise on the opportunity and maximise their chances of success the company needed to be able to get their products into the European market faster, cheaper and unburdened by customs formalities. The company was dedicated to transparency, customer experience and delivering exceptional high-end table-top products to their customers at reasonable cost. As a manufacturer of luxury tableware most of their sales were through department stores and specialist retail outlets in the USA so to maximise their chances of success in the European market the company sought to develop a multi-channel sales route into the EU via specialist retailers and eCommerce through their yet to be built web site.

As an example of how deep F4E Iberia's expertise impacts these operations, we can highlight that from 2015 to 2021 (7 years), we have been able to significantly extend product life cycle for more than 4.1 million CPE, that otherwise, would have generated around 2,500 tons of electronic equipment waste, contributing to reduce raw materials consumption and GHG emissions.

CPEs (units)

  • 210


  • 385


  • 490


  • 615


  • 612


  • 800


  • 820


According to the World Resources Institute,54 million tons of electronic waste (e-waste) are produced annually worldwide, of which just 17.4% gets collected and recycled. In order to contribute to the reduction of this rampant consumption, which has devastating effects for the planet, important ICT companies through F4E Iberia, carry out reverse logistic operations, allowing products and materials to be kept in use for longer cycles. This is key for letting natural systems regenerate and reduce e-waste.

Electronic Waste

F4E Iberia counts with an accredited technical repairing service and our own in-house laboratories, allowing us to quickly adapt to new client needs and requirements. Main handling and refurbishment operations include:

  • Quality control

  • Technical testing

  • Device repair

  • Assembly operations

  • Cannibalization of components

  • Kitting

  • Customized packaging

  • Software set-up and updating

  • Telecom platforming

  • Paint booth for high quality finish

Electronic testing

With the objective of optimizing refurbish and handling operations, we have developed a “CPE optimized testing prototype” (allowing a great level of automation for some of required technical tests) with which we have been able to obtain a productivity increase of +257%, boosting the time-to-market of refurbished equipment, giving a quick response to our client needs, instead of using new CPE and reducing the total waste generated by these clients.

Electronic testing

These sustainability processes allowed F4E Iberia and its ICT clients to be aligned with Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs (2015-2030), helping achieve the objectives promoted by United Nations through the reduction of CO2 emissions, related to mining and raw materials transformation, specially through B2B/B2C equipment manufacturing, reducing e-waste and the consumption of raw materials, optimising the planet’s resources, and creating new Circular Economy involved jobs.


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