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Taxback International is recognised as the world’s leading VAT reclaim provider. Thanks to our advanced technical innovation, we give clients back control of their VAT solutions all around the world.

Established in 1996 as part of The Taxback Group, the company works with clients from all over the world to maximize their VAT reclaim. From sole traders seeking a once-off VAT refund, medium-sized organisations with international VAT obligations, to truly global corporations seeking an integrated one-stop VAT solution, Taxback International streamlines the process and maximises your organisation’s VAT reclaim opportunity.

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Why Taxback International

Taxback International is changing the way you reclaim your Value Added Tax. As the leading VAT recovery provider in the industry, we’re recognised for our advanced in technology simplifying your refunds on business travel.

At Taxback International, we place an emphasis on the value-add of working with our clients to maximise recovery by identifying lost VAT and implementing a specific plan to ensure it is recoverable going forward. Our services are streamlined, multilingual, based on the latest international VAT knowledge and implemented by experienced VAT specialists. Most importantly – we ensure minimum effort from our clients whilst maximizing compliance and reclaim.

About Taxback International

Established in 1996 as part of The Taxback Group, Taxback International was originally the VAT Recovery part of

What started as a single company with a limited number of product lines, soon expanded into diversified complex business lines, with an international presence and increased level of expertise. The team saw the value that the VAT Reclaim provider could give global corporations – the ability to put money back into their bottom line. Thus, Taxback International was born and has grown from a team of 5 to a staggering 500 globally.

The Taxback Group now encompasses a wide variety of companies including Taxback International,, Transfermate, PaytoStudy, Sales Promotions and ConnectIreland just to name a few.

What do Taxback International Offer?

Taxback International works with our clients to cater for every VAT need. Our solution is a seamless, touchless, end to end process managed entirely by Taxback International. With our VAT technical expertise and multilingual capabilities, Taxback International can assist clients with their VAT obligations within and outside the EU.

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Taxback International


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