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SCHERRER Textillogistik

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F4E warehouse Services
F4E Contact Centres
F4E Client Services
F4E Reverse Logistics Services
F4E Web Interface Services

F4E is an association of independent fulfilment houses:
All driven by a mutual passion and ethos to deliver exceptional service.

Warehouse Services

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  • garment-distribution
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Fulfillment for Europe Warehousing Solutions

Every F4E 'country-partner' delivers the specialist warehouse skills required to manage the combination of B2B and B2C inventory from a single stock holding: These skills include Goods-In with QA: Pick/Pack: Bulk Storage & replenishment to pick face routines: Bar Coding and Non-bar coding protocols: Pre-work and Re-work: Full stock management with Audits.

A comprehensive suite of logistics reports that can be tailored to a client's particular needs. Systems interface with a raft of national & international carriers.

Specialist warehouses are dedicated to fulfilling all types of garments/apparel and accessories for the Fashion Sector.

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Contact Centre

F4E Contact Centres: Each fluent in their 'home' language

The F4E country-partners excel in their ability to deliver exceptional customer service for the client and the end-consumer. Effective Contact Centre support has become one of the key differentiators for ambitious and successful on-line and multi-channel clients. Advanced CRM technology enables our operators to provide accurate and timely support for the consumer. Our call handling skills cover Order Taking and full Customer Service support: e-mail management: Order track/trace: Product-support. Each Contact Centre is fluent in their 'home' language and understands the varying nuances relating to their local market.
F4E delivers CRM skills to the exacting standards demanded by high-end Fashion Brands.

F4E Contact Centres

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Client Services

F4E Client Services

F4E Committed and Motivated Account Managers

Highly committed and motivated Account Managers are critical in supporting the relationship between the F4E 'country-partner' and the client. Our Account managers have been chosen for their pro-activity, expert knowledge of multi-channel fulfilment and professionalism. They liaise with our clients and pass feed-back to the relevant departments within the fulfilment house to ensure the continuity of our excellent service quality. The Account Managers also monitor the accuracy of client reporting, which is so key for our clients.

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Reverse Logistics

Manage the headache of reverse logistics across Europe

F4E is the ideal network of highly capable Fulfilment Houses to manage the headache of reverse logistics across the diverse European countries. You can utilise a single despatch facility for delivering your parcels throughout Europe and contract with a single F4E member to manage all the reverse logistics for individual items returned for credit or replacement.
All F4E partners excel in the particularly demanding apparel sector. Specialist facilities include automated steam hangers, re-packing, tagging, folding and bagging.

F4E Reverse Logistics

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Interfaces/Payment Management

F4E Web Interface and Payment Processing

Essential Interfaces expertly managed

F4E delivers a range of key interfaces which include: Links to the client systems & web sites: Interfaces with the best National Carriers to deliver the chosen balance of price, delivery speed and traceability: The ability to interface with country-specific Merchant Providers. This can be complex with German speaking countries requiring Open Credit, complete with the supportive credit management protocols.

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