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F4E is an association of successful, highly-experienced fulfilment houses who work closely together, often with integrated systems, to provide Europe-wide fulfilment solutions and a truly complete range of services sited in over 20 fulfilment centres strategically placed to provide true Pan-European coverage.

Our Services

F4E offers a range of services designed to grow as your business grows enabling you to reach a wider market in Europe with a single point of contact and without the need to impact on your own in-house resources.

Whether you want to increase your reach and market share or simply improve your operations, F4E have the expertise and unique infrastructure to build your brand in Europe.

The European Ecommerce Market

Ecommerce in Europe has once again shown some double-digit growth. The total ecommerce turnover in Europe increased by 11 percent last year, making it worth 534 billion euros. For 2018, a growth rate of 13 percent is expected, which would mean ecommerce in Europe will be worth 602 billion euros in 2018.

  • 602

    € Billion 2018

  • 534

    € Billion 2017

  • 480

    € Billion 2016

  • 423

    € Billion 2015

F4E is an association of award winning independent fulfillment houses: All driven by a mutual passion and ethos to deliver exceptional service.

  • Innovator award 2017
  • Paris Retail Award
  • Innovator award 2016
  • Irish Transport and Logistics award
  • Irish Reail award
  • Internet shop award

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