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F4E and the Apparel Industry

The Internet has directly opened the global apparel market up to consumers – and for manufacturers to sell their goods anywhere in the world. Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) sales therefore offer great opportunities, especially among younger consumers. They are eager – and smart enough – to skip the middlemen and go directly to the brands and manufacturers of their preference. These severely shortened short supply lines can go from anywhere on the world to anywhere else.

In the Netherlands, consumers alone order €817 million worth of fashion sector products from e-commerce stores outside of Europe in 2017.

Europe’s economic rebound is causing new markets to develop. East European countries are especially interesting. Disposable incomes in countries like Poland and Romania are growing every year and more and more consumers there are eager to spend on fashion. Demand is growing in these countries.

F4E offer the services you need to keep pace and grow within the market. We can help your brand or business with European targeted website design and marketing with IT integration. Our advanced efulfillment and returns processes are bolstered by our multi-lingual contact centres and customer support services.



Clothing Products

Revenue for this sector was €60,469 Billion in 2018 and includes digital sale of almost all types of clothing articles (e.g. t-shirts, coats, pants, underwear).
The third and fifth largest fashion markets are located in Europe (UK and Germany)
Choose F4E to support your growth in Europe.

Footwear Products

Revenue for this sector was €19,755 Billion in 2018 and includes all types of shoes (e.g. casual shoes, slippers, etc.) - with the exception of sports shoes, shoe accessories and care products.
Take advantage of this growing European market with F4E efulfillment and customer support services.

Fashion Accessories
Bags, Accessories & Jewellery

Revenue for this sector was €14,283 Billion in 2018 and includes various types of bags and accessories, leather bags, suitcases and purses, jewellery, hats, scarves, and gloves, among others.
Make your business growth in Europe easier with F4E's expert services

Let F4E be your trusted partner providing high quality essential services from over 20 primary locations throughout Europe.

Access the growing European market with confidence via a single point of contact to assist your business in achieving it's goals in Europe and meeting the challenges of the online Fashion market.

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  • Contact Centres
  • Reverse Logistics

The European Apparel Market

The European apparel market is the second biggest in the world with a volume of €94.57 billion in 2018. The large internet population, relatively high online shopper penetration, combined with comparably high purchasing power makes it a very attractive market for online merchants.

  • 76.21

    € Billion - 2016

  • 84.90

    € Billion - 2017

  • 94.57

    € Billion - 2018

  • 104.7

    € Billion - 2019


Warehouse services
eFulfillment Services
Fulfillment for Europe e-Fulfillment Solutions.

Fulfillment 4 Europe is the primary association for fulfillment services for B2C and B2B.

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Contact Centres
Contact Centres
F4E Contact Centres: Each fluent in their 'home' language

F4E Contact Centres - understanding your local target market in their own language.

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Reverse Logistics
Reverse Logistics
Manage the headache of reverse logistics across Europe

F4E handle your returns through a central contact sparing your resources and reducing losses.

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