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Beauty and Cosmetics

F4E and the Beauty and Cosmetics Industry

In 2017, the European cosmetics market achieved an annual growth of 1.3% to 77.6 billion euros, which makes Europe remain the largest market for cosmetic and personal care products in the world.

Germany, France and the UK were the top three markets in Europe, standing at 13.6 billion euros; 11.3 billion euros and 11.1 billion euros respectively.

Worth some 20.7 billion euros, personal care led the European market, followed by hygiene products, which account for 19.64 billion euros. The two major categories were followed by hair products, worth 14.84 billion euros, and fragrance, which accounted for 11.93 billion euros. Lastly, makeup saw out the European market ranks at 11.17 billion euros.

Alongside acquisitions, water reduction and sustainability, customisation will be a key trend in 2019 for the beauty and cosmetics sector. Personalised beauty involves refining products to meet the specific requirements of the customer – even down to the individual unique end-user. Personalisation is no stranger to F4E who are ideally placed to meet this new demand throughout Europe.

Beauty and Cosmetics


Skin care Products
Skin Care

20.7 billion euros
Europe is projected to witness a steady growth rate of 4.1% over the next seven years, owing to the presence of a number of regulations that are propelling the demand for natural skin care products

Toiletries Products

19.64 billion euros
The Personal Hygiene segment covers all products intended for personal cleansing such as soaps and syndets, shower gels, bathing products, deodorants, antiperspirants, and shaving products.

Hair Care Products
Hair Care

14.84 billion euros
The Hair Care segment is one of the largest in the Cosmetics and Personal Care market and includes care products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair tonics as well as styling products such as hair spray, gel and dyes.

Let F4E be your trusted partner providing high quality essential services from over 20 primary locations throughout Europe.

Access the growing European market with confidence via a single point of contact to assist your business in achieving it's goals in Europe and meeting the challenges of the online Beauty and Cosmetics market.

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The European Market
Beauty and Cosmetics

Germany, France, UK and Italy were the leading markets in Europe, standing at 13.6 billion euros; 11.3 billion euros, 11.1 billion and 10.1 billion euros respectively.

  • 13.6

    € Billion - Germany

  • 11.3

    € Billion - France

  • 11.1

    € Billion - UK

  • 10.1

    € Billion - Italy


Warehouse services
eFulfillment Services
Fulfillment for Europe e-Fulfillment Solutions.

Fulfillment 4 Europe is the primary association for fulfillment services for B2C and B2B.

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Contact Centres
Contact Centres
F4E Contact Centres: Each fluent in their 'home' language

F4E Contact Centres - understanding your local target market in their own language.

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Reverse Logistics
Manage the headache of reverse logistics across Europe

F4E handle your returns through a central contact sparing your resources and reducing losses.

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