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F4E and the Licensed Brand Merchandise Industry

A recent LIMA Global Licensing Study revealed that the worldwide licensing business generated retail sales valued at more than US$262.9bn in 2016, a 4.4% increase on the previous year.

The UK is the second-largest licensing market in the world, behind only the US, with retail sales here surpassing US$13.6bn last year to overtake Japan. Other significant markets include Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, the Netherlands and the fast-growing south-east Asia and China-Hong Kong territories.

F4E offer the services you need to keep pace and grow within the market. We can help your brand or business with European targeted website design and marketing with IT integration. Our advanced efulfillment and returns processes are bolstered by our multi-lingual contact centres and customer support services.

Branded Merchandise


Character and Entertainment
Character & Entertainment

Entertainment/Character licensing remains the largest industry category, accounting for $121.5 billion, or 44.7% of the total global licensing market in 2017. In terms of consumer awareness, the most recognisable properties in this category would include:

Animated TV programmes
Feature film releases
Characters and themes taken from gaming consoles and associated software
Characters and themes taken from downloadable apps and those inspired by social media
Classic children’s book titles through to adult fiction
Song lyrics, music and theatrical production

Corporate Brand Licensing
Brands and Lifestyle

Brands and lifestyle is a growing sector of the global licensing industry both in terms of size and the number of blue-chip brands and organisations licensing out intellectual property such as:

Corporate organisations
Fashion houses and designers
Museums, galleries and collections
Charitable associations
Sport clubs, national associations and global sporting events
Food, drink and consumer goods

Let F4E be your trusted partner providing high quality essential services from over 20 primary locations throughout Europe.

Access the growing European market with confidence via a single point of contact to assist your business in achieving it's goals in Europe and meeting the challenges of the online Branded Merchandise market.

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The Branded Merchandise Market

Revenue generated by the licensing business rose 3. 3 per cent in 2017 to total $271.6bn, according to results from the Annual Global Licensing Industry Survey.
Character and entertainment licensing remains the largest industry category, accounting for $121.5bn, or 44.7 per cent of the total global licensing market. Meanwhile, corporate and brand trademarks generate $55.8bn in retail for 20.5 per cent of total revenues.

  • 271600

    $ Mn - Global Licensing

  • 121500

    $ Mn - Entertainment/Characters

  • 55800

    $ Mn - Corporate / Brand

  • 32100

    $ Mn - Fashion

  • 26500

    $ Mn - Sports

  • 17513

    $ Mn - Publishing

  • 5757

    $ Mn - Collegiate

  • 4452

    $ Mn - Celebrity

  • 3081

    $ Mn - Music

  • 1775

    $ Mn - Art

  • 971

    $ Mn - Non-Profit


Warehouse services
eFulfillment Services
Fulfillment for Europe e-Fulfillment Solutions.

Fulfillment 4 Europe is the primary association for fulfillment services for B2C and B2B.

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Contact Centres
Contact Centres
F4E Contact Centres: Each fluent in their 'home' language

F4E Contact Centres - understanding your local target market in their own language.

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Reverse Logistics
Reverse Logistics
Manage the headache of reverse logistics across Europe

F4E handle your returns through a central contact sparing your resources and reducing losses.

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