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    F4E France

  • Where Are We?

    Paris, France

  • eCommerce Market

    €72.5bn (2021)

F4E France

Let F4E France be your creative and reliable partner to increase your sales conversion rate and improve your customer experience.

Our mission since 2004 is to transform distance selling logistics into marketing advantages for all our e-commerce clients across a multitude of industry sectors.

Perfectly located on both sides of the France / Belgium border our unique cluster of modern distribution facilities offer reception of goods, management of orders and stock, picking and packing anything and innovative systems integration and greener packaging, all designed to support our clients' smooth expansion in Europe.

F4E in France
F4E France Headquarters, Paris

F4E France

Your eCommerce fulfilment partner for Europe.

  • Taylor-made platform integration including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Plentymarkets, Billbee, Shopware and PrestaShop
  • Value-added fulfillment services
  • Multi-channel distribution services
  • Reverse logistics & circular logistics solutions
  • Multi-industry sector experience
  • 50,000 sqm facilities located on the France / Belgium border
  • 24/7 CCTV & Anti intrusion security
  • Temperature control (aerotherms) 10 - 25 degrees
  • 140 dedicated permanent employees
  • 3.2 million+ orders processed in 2021
  • 4.7 million+ parcels delivered in 2021
  • Innovative greener packaging initiatives
  • Personalized orders
  • Wide choice of last mile distribution channels


If your company is based outside Europe and making 250+ transactions per week or if you have an established business in Europe wishing to improve your efulfillment. F4E offers a range of services designed to grow as your business grows enabling you to reach a wider market in Europe with a single point of contact and without the need to impact on your own in-house resources.

If you want to increase your reach and market share or simply improve your operations, F4E have the expertise and unique infrastructure to build your brand in Europe

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