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    F4E The Netherlands

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    Katwijk, The Netherlands

  • eCommerce Market

    €1.7bn (2021)

F4E The Netherlands

F4E in The Netherlands was founded in 1986 and started with international forwarding activities, mainly by road, later were sea- and airfreight services added. In 1990 Freightways started with warehousing activities on demand of some existing forwarding customers.

A trend has been observed for some time whereby supply chains are changing from push to pull driven processes. Customers have become more individualistic and are placing higher demands on products and services. This means that companies have to be able to respond ever more quickly to changing demands from the market. They cannot do this by building up larger stocks, but will have to look for efficient processes with short turnaround times. Increasingly, the supply chain is initiated at the start of the clients order.

F4E in The Netherlands
F4E Netherlands Headquarters, Katwijk

F4E The Netherlands

Your eCommerce fulfilment partner for Europe.

  • Electronic order acceptance

  • Full integration with most platforms
  • Pick and Pack (Radio Frequency)
  • Order-assembly
  • Customer Service
  • Return/warranty handling
  • Bonded or non bonded storage
  • 24/7 real-time online inventory monitoring through web portal
  • National and International Shipping and delivery
  • Financial services
  • Full supply chain management from Manufacturer to Consumer


If your company is based outside Europe and making 250+ transactions per week or if you have an established business in Europe wishing to improve your efulfillment. F4E offers a range of services designed to grow as your business grows enabling you to reach a wider market in Europe with a single point of contact and without the need to impact on your own in-house resources.

If you want to increase your reach and market share or simply improve your operations, F4E have the expertise and unique infrastructure to build your brand in Europe

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